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| Vancouver BC |

I've always been a BC boy. I was born in the mountains among the trees and snow, later living alongside a highway touching the mighty Columbia River. The Kootenay region was a pretty idyllic place to grow up. Currently I call Vancouver home - and have for 13 years - originally drawn to the temperate coast by a passion for film. It's a swell turn of luck that it was a mere 8 hour drive to hit a booming production hub. And Vancouver is like a big small town so it is easy to get comfortable as a mountain dweller such as myself. You can take the fella out of the small town but you'll never see him shoot his first feature anywhere but!

Originally, I moved to the city in hopes of following a career in acting but fell behind the camera by chance and instantly felt a sense of belonging. For the last decade I have 'grown-up' in Camera, Grip and Lighting, but the switch to Directing and Writing has taken it's hold and well, here you are reading about it. I call back to the heavy lifting days often, utilizing the get'er done mentality of a technician - don't think it leaves you really. Like a small town attraction, one can't help but crave the silence.

My papa always says that the best way to manage people is to encourage them and I've always enjoyed that idea. As the saying goes, film is a collaborative medium but what they don't tell you is that the collaborative nature of the art-form applies to all aspects of your life as the people you work with are the same folk you after-work with, and what better way to turn any job into a hobby than to enjoy it with buds. As a director, I feel like this is my working style.

- Scooter