Men create the messes, and women clean them up. “Hollow in the Land” is not interested in those men’s stories, but in the burden placed on a young woman whose brother and father have trashed her family’s reputation.
— Monica Castillo, New York Times
Writer-director Scooter Corkle’s feature debut “Hollow in the Land” is an earthy Canadian small-town thriller that recalls Debra Granik’s “Winter’s Bone”.
— Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times
Hollow in the Land traffics in familiar rural thriller territory, but it features an excellent performance from its lead actress and a strong atmosphere of moody tension courtesy of its writer/director.
— Frank Sheck, Hollywood Reporter

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Birthing a feature film is an exercise in lunacy - self-serving yet communal, single-minded yet collaborative; the very nature of filmmaking is that of paradox. It is reactionary, it is all consuming, it is home. To keep a film on the tracks one must look further ahead than normal and I don’t simply mean the logistics and planning, I mean the building and maintaining of relationships long term. HOLLOW IN THE LAND would never have been made without the help of friends, family and favours. Triple threat for any filmmaker’s tool kit! And we decided to shoot in my home town of Castlegar, so that tool kit is on screen.

I’ve spent most of my career building relationships based in positive experience and support. Surrounded by people I love made this project what it is and the experience, truly, good clean fun! All the BS from pre-production through till even now has been polished silver by those lovely folk. I owe them this movie. To any aspiring filmmakers: the people you love must be held higher than any other outside force for they are the soldiers beside you in the trenches when the bombs start dropping. And drop they do, believe me. It is up to you to decide whom you let into your circle, for it is your circle to protect and your boundary to create.

And with that in mind, the below showcase is dedicated to all the lovelies who followed me into the trenches. There are so many other photographs and folks not pictured below but these are the polaroids I took during our time together, so I figured the cool factor would be a worthy gander.

HOLLOW IN THE LAND is my first feature film and is available to watch this year of 2017 Internationally.