Step Back, Look Forward

I have taken a step back from social media, no longer consuming the constant flow of opinion and/or outrage over ____________. A pause from engaging with a world beyond my present and it has had a rather curious affect on my everyday. Thoughts become clearer. Feelings that were once ignored and distracted from by the "timeline" have become more prevalent, the emotions more piercing and experiential. By not knowing what others are doing, I've found myself more curious and genuinely interested to chat to my friends. As a bi-product of this my alcohol consumption and late night chatter have become a tad excessive and are in need of a slow period. Good thing the holidays are coming.

I will say, that throughout this 'step back' I have 'signed-in' for a moment here and there to feel the effects of infinite scrolling once more as a point of analytic interest, and the first thought that grabbed at me was that I was glaring into an abyss of pettiness. The online society is devouring itself. And that online society I stare at through this window is built of my own friends and family, those closest to me, hating on ____________ in a flurry of articles and opinion pieces meant to be consumerism 'click-bait'. What happened? When did we allow fear to be such a huge part of our existence? And why do we end up hating each other over things we cannot control, or worst, words that get typed or spoken. Disagreement and debate are the cornerstones of all progressive movements. Now we can 'block' each other if the beliefs do not match our own, further distancing ourselves from meaningful and thoughtful points of view. By reaching across the world in an infinite amount of places with wifi, we've actually narrowed an already tight bubble dome dystopia around our close-minded thoughts we all harbor just beyond reasoning and understanding. This was all sparked from Trump winning the election by the way, I unplugged the day after in a completely smothering confusion of how the hell it happened. Plus a hangover.

Discrimination doesn’t make much sense to me. Humanity is the sum of its history and each person a sum of their experience, creating a uniquely different life based on an innumerable amount of victories and defeats. And these differences are what we all have in common. A commonality true of every person, ever. So how can any one person judge another? For the judgment of another, places judgment upon oneself as well. The true balance of the universe – you gain what you give and lose what you take. Sadly, our species allows fear to rule and in turn, we fear our species ignoring love over hate.

And truthfully, even writing all this is judgemental in its own way and I too am being judged hardest by mine own self. And understanding this, seems the first step along the road to acceptance. Assuming this road has an end. Which by all accounts it could not. Another human perspective - that everything has an end. And there is another similarity to consider where all of humanity is related, that our time will one day run out and that this is fucking frightening. So lay off a little, and make the effort to understand each other. Sure he said that about pipelines, or she said this about Trump, or a bunch of folk have a perspective about Castro. Nothing is black or white, we're all stuck in some muddy colourless mush up to our ankles, but we're all here together. Maybe we need to re-evaluate what is important to each of us, and what is merely a distraction. Go Oilers.